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- Dr. Abrams' Transformational Medicine Membership information can be found at https://www.doctorrachel.com/
Dr. Keene is currently accepting new NON-MEDICARE patients

Please note that we respond to patient messages Monday-Friday 9a-5p, and do our best to respond within 2-3 business days. Messaging is meant for quick questions and brief updates. If your message takes longer than 3 minutes to read, you will be asked to schedule a visit. 

Here are some suggestions that may help you get your needs met sooner:
  • SCHEDULING: message Glynis through the portal
  • RX REFILLS: contact your pharmacy to fax a refill request to 831-465-8528
  • SUPPLEMENT REFILLS: Office hours are M-Th 9a-5p, closed 1230-130p for lunch; for Dr. Aimée's patients, you can also log-in to your Fullscript account to purchase supplements online
  • LAB RESULTS/REQUISITIONS: Check the 'Labs and Documents' section of your portal
  • COPIES OF RECORDS: message Glynis through the portal

If you are having an urgent medical issue, please contact your primary care physician, or visit your nearest urgent care facility. 

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*This portal is for patients of Drs. Abrams, Gonzalez, Keene, and Shunney. Visit Dr. Black, Don Grey, and Maureen Vargas to book directly.

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